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We are a family run specialist company with over 15 years experience employing only the best skilled tradesmen in the field.

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With over 100 pages of all you need to know about having a loft conversion done on your house, or even doing it yourself!

A little bit about us

If you are considering having any type of loft conversions done then look no further than Complete Lofts. We are a family run specialist company with over 15 years experience employing only the best skilled tradesmen in the field.

Our aim is to work closely with our clients and give them our undivided attention throughout the entire project thus enabling you to enjoy this full loft conversion experience.

It has been brought to our attention that having a loft conversion will probably be the most complex structural alteration that will take place to your property, therefore you may need some guidance through this complex task of designing and planning the exact finished product that is required.

All our different trades people are at hand to give that extra advice on small matters that may pop up throughout the whole project.

The Loft Conversion Process

Week 1

Installation of steel beams and structural floor


Week 2

Forming of dormers, internal walls and first fix plumbing and electrics


Week 3

Exterior roofing, insulating and plaster boarding.


Week 4

Plastering, second fix carpentry, electircs and plumbing.

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Types of Loft Conversions

Velux Conversions

One of the keys to making a loft conversion look good without it costing the earth is to use windows built into the slope of the roof.

Velux double glazed roof windows are built to withstand the hardest elements and are the finest available

Rear Dormer

All new loft conversions need maximum walking space inside. This is often achieved by adding a projection called a Dormer.

We tailor the design of the dormer to your particular needs and create the utmost space for an ensuite bathroom or bedroom etc.

Hip to Gable

Some “Hip Ended” roofs may benefit from a “Hip Gable” conversion rather than a side dormer.

Our qualified surveyor who will illustrate the difference can help you make your informed decision on this.


Are you looking to have a loft conversion but have some questions?  See our list of frequently asked questions that may help with your decision making.

If you do have any further questions then please call us free on 0800 988 7276

Do I need planning permission for a loft conversion?

Most loft conversions do not need planning permission, however they will require building regulations approval.

You would however need planning permission if your drawings exceed the sizes that come under building regulations only rule.

If you look at the Planning portal web site there is all the information you can read up on.

How much does a loft conversion cost?

This is a hard Question to put an accurate answer too as obviously all houses are different and would need to be seen to give accurate price.

Based on normal 5-6 m wide mid terrace house a rear full loft conversion would normally be around £30,000 finished.

A hip to gable loft conversion can range between £40,000 – £45,000 depending on size of house.

A Velux only loft conversion with no dormers would be £20,000 upwards again depending on sizes.

How long does a loft conversion take?
We would allow around 6-8 weeks depending on the specific build requirements.
How long do Loft conversion building regulations approval take?

Once the council have your drawings and they are registered with building control it will take 5 working days before you could start the works.

Can we live in the house while loft conversion takes place?

Yes 100% you can.

We recommend having all the loft built from above even including plaster work and the breakthrough for staircase.  This keeps dust down to a minimum, then its around a week for completion.

What are the payments process for Loft conversions?

We always recommend on a stage payment programme.

This schedule is payment in installments on completion of each stage.

This way you can see what is being paid for and everyone is happy to move to next stage.

How much height will I need for a loft conversion?

On average you’ll need around 2.2m clear head hight to be able to convert your loft conversion.

Can I have a loft conversion if I have a low roof?

If you really want to convert your loft space and you don’t have 2.2m to start with there is a couple of alternatives.

There is a possibility that you could raise your roof but would need planning permission to do this.

The 2nd option is that you could lower the existing ceilings in the house, we have done this a few times but as warning this is a big job and normally requires the customer to not live in the property whilst this work is in progress.

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